How to role play Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a 2017 American superhero movie based on the DC comic character of the same name. It was produced by DC Entertainment, RatPac Entertainment and the Chinese company Tencent Pictures, and released by Warner Bros. Pictures. This is the second live-action movie after “Wonder Woman” made its debut in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in 2016. In “Wonder Woman”, Amazon Princess Diana set out to stop the first time In the World War, it is believed that this conflict was initiated by a long-term enemy. After the American pilot and spy Steve Trevor crashed into Themyscira on the island, Amazon, Ares changed and notified her.

Wonder Woman was originally called Diana Prince. Before she became Gal Gadot, she was the Amazon princess Diana, who was trained to be an indestructible warrior. Diana grew up on a sheltered island paradise and met an American flying (Chris Pine) who told her about the large-scale conflict in the outside world. Diana was convinced that she could stop the threat, so she left home for the first time. She finally found all her strength and true destiny in the struggle to end all wars by fighting side by side with others.

Wonder Woman cosplay costumes have always been popular costumes. Female cosplayers want to challenge her sexy and cool style. It seems that every girl lives in a handsome self.

We have collected some comments from buyers on this dress, hope it will be helpful to you:

This dress is made of leather fabric, which can make the overall appearance easier to appear and look more high-end. The top is a strapless strapless design, at the same time very slim, very slim and sexy!

The lower body is matched with a short skirt and boots. Even if the leg shape is not good, it doesn’t matter. Boots and skirts can well correct your leg defects and form a long, straight leg.

The whole set of clothes is mainly brown, just like the goddess of the ancient tribe, plus other accessories and weapons, even if you finish all the clothes. We use the movie as a prototype and try to restore all the details of the clothes, just to bring you a better cosplay experience.

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