Animal Onesie For Men and Women

Rilakkuma Bear Onesie for Men is a unique, soft, comfortable top and bottom portion kamizi fashion pajamas with velour fleece backing. These animal onesie pjamas are created of 100% natural cotton. The animal pattern is bold and bright and is ideal to keep you warmer during the chilly winter evenings. These pajama sets consist of a shirt, vest, cardigan, leggings and boot.

Animal Onesie For Men and Women
Rilakkuma Bear Onesie for Kids is also sold in adult onesie pajama sets. These cute ones are created from faux fur. The shirt and vest top is made from polyester velour fabric while the pants and leggings are made from a polyester-spandex combination fabric. The tops have wash points and an assortment of colorful beads. The leggings have drawstring and Velcro fastenings.

These animal ones for men and women are made from 100% cotton. The designs and prints are as diverse as the children’s characters. You can get them in pink blue, yellow, green and red. They have cartoon character prints, floral prints, animals, giraffe and monkey. The materials used to make these costumes are soft, light, breathable and completely machine washable.

Rilakkuma Bear Halloween costumes for adults and kids are very comfortable and cute. This animal ones for men and women will make you feel like a kid again on every step you take while wearing it. The pajama sets come in two colors: black and brown.

Children, parents and even grownups love wearing these animal costume pajama sets because of its great comfort and fit. Kids are sure to have fun wearing these animal costumes for men and women. To keep it practical, the adult animal costume has wash points, perfect Velcro straps, hoods and closures If you opt to get an adult onesie pajama set instead of a kids’ Halloween costumes, you can opt to get one with a zipper in the front instead of buttons and make it reversible.

If you want your pet to stand out in a crowd this Halloween, a quality animal costume with a pajama set will do the trick. And when you’re done with it, your pet can go back to feeling pretty just like any other ordinary cat or dog. So now the next time you have to go trick or treating or host a party and don’t know what to put on as an animal costume, go ahead and give your pet its very own in costume.