Tourbillon Watches – Full of modern characters

Tourbillon Watches have been seen commonly in today’s watch industry, and even though it is much more expensive than the common-designed watch, they are more and more popular. Here I will recommend one famous Tourbillon Watch for you – Tag Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum Tourbillon Watch.

The same with all the works of the MIKRO series watches, this Tag Heuer watch is applying with double movement components, including a 4 hz wrist watch escapement, whose vibration is of 28800 times per hour, with 42 hours power reserve; No hair stopwatch balance wheel (50 hz), with the vibration of 360000 times per hour, and 70 minutes of dynamic storage. Watchcase is 45 mm in diameter, and it is made of fine grinding and polishing of titanium metal with the sand blasting process. Surface is a double Anti-reflective arc-shaped sapphire crystal. and the watch Dial adopts the design of charcoal gray color, with the charcoal gray scale accurate to 1/100th of a second on the flange, the center of a pair of blue pointer is repeatedly telling the passage of time.

So far, the technique has realized commercialization in the watches which is higher than 10 hz frequency. Fortunately, the TAG Heuer has indisputable advantages in the field, over the years, the TAG Heuer is always in the leading position in the field of global super accurate watchmaking industry. Innovation requires bold expression. The watch used the miniature blade to replace the hair, used the belt to replace the gear, used the magnet to replace the hair. Not the pursuit of updates, only challenges better. Faster, more accurate, more reliable, more beautiful. Advocate contracted, and get rid of the heavy and complicated, this is the classic, avant-garde TAG Heuer Carrera watch which is always full of modern technology and design leadership role and modern temperament.

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