The Most Wonderful Misunderstanding-The Most Amazing Pilot Watches

When I talked to my friend who is a pilot, I asked him a question: “do you find pilot watch useful?” And his answer really shocked me as he said “Nope, because there is a clock in the pane and watch can find no application, but, but the pilot’s watches are really cool and it really looks the cockpit. I like that feel.” I think he is right. Comparing pilot’s watches to the diver’s watches, there are just same professional, but you will see the difference in whether we necessarily need it. Why? Because aviation cannot fly without plane, but it is the different case when come to diving. You can dive in the shallow place or you can dive into a deep place with the help of scuba, and a plane is more complicated than a scuba, and the only chronograph that you can count on when diving is a diver watch, because no diving suite will be fitted with a clock. So if we think that pilot watch is necessary, then it must be a big misunderstanding.

Economic-Hamilton Khaki Aviation H64715135
Hamilton is an American watch producer, and was acquired by Swatches. It was the best choices back in the second world war, and in order to support producing military watches, Hamilton stopped producing civil watches, so it gained a high popularity. This Hamilton Khaki Aviation is a rebuilt Aviation. It recovers original look, as you can see the big time indexes and hands make it much clear when accessing it. And this Hamilton Khaki Aviaiton has a great advantage over the watches that we are going to talk about.

Breitling is a brand that specially designs and develops sport watches, and also get involved in Car Racing, diving, and aviation. In terms of Pilot watches, it is the most professional watches. Although we rare use those special functions, choosing it reflects your personal taste.

Your First Choice – Rolex watch has high identification degree

Rolex, as one of the Swiss watches brands that entered into China market in earlier days, has a high visibility in domestic, now rolex watches in the global industry has a high reputation and sales status.
Rolex watch has high identification degree, in addition to brand crown-shaped logo, from the appearance of wrist watch also has many distinctive features. Brand logo is important, but in the watch dial whose maximum size is no more than 50 mm, if you want to clearly see the brand logo, it is not an easy thing, so in terms of identification, it is particularly important for the characteristics of the watch shape. For Rolex, what is the most common and what the brand spare no effort to promote is its oyster type casing, it is also a symbol of brand waterproof performance. Oyster type case creates an important milestone in the history watchmaking in the contemporary society. This device was invented by Rolex in 1926, equipped with the patented rotating watch outer ring system, bottom case and middle crust crown, is the world’s first waterproof casing used in wrist watch. Now, watch case sealing structure can ensure that all oyster type wrist watch waterproof depth can be at least 100 meters (330 feet), and the Submariner diving watches can be up to 300 meters (1000 feet), and Rolex Deepsea type can be as deep as 3900 meters (12,800 feet).
A Swiss Watches Replica
Rolex Pursuit of high quality
The production process of the Rolex Cerachrom words ring and outer ring must be through multiple quality inspection process, to ensure that they meet all requirements in shape, mechanical properties and color. After pass all tests, Cerachrom outer ring can perform its functions flawlessly, after years of temper, it still keeps eternal glory, and this is also one of the most important reasons that why Rolex can maintain its value.